Camera:   DCS560C
Serial #: K560C-00680
Width:    3040
Height:   2008
Date:  7/04/99
Time:   13:08:36
DCS5XX Image
FW Ver:   1.7.2
TIFF Image
Look:   Product
Antialiasing Filter:  Installed
Counter:    [1651]
ISO Speed:  80
Aperture:  f32
Shutter:  1/60
Max Aperture:  f2.8
Min Aperture:  f32
Exposure Mode:  Manual (M)
Compensation:  +0.0
Flash Compensation:  +0.0
Meter Mode:  Evaluative
Flash Mode:  No flash
Drive Mode:  Single
Focus Mode:  Manual
Focus Point:  --o--
Focal Length (mm):  90
White balance: Custom

PETZL Tibloc


Compact emergency ascender

In a bind, this ultra-lightweight ascender can be used to build hauling systems or as a friction-knot replacement in self-rescue situations. Use with the ULTRALEGERE pulley for an ideal lightweight, compact emergency hauling kit.


  • Chrome-plated steel cam with angled teeth and self-cleaning slot securely grips the rope, even in muddy or icy conditions
  • Can be used as a progress capture device in a hauling system
  • Small hole at top of the TIBLOC allows a keeper cord to be attached


  • Material(s): stainless steel
  • Weight: 39 g
  • Rope compatibility: 8 to 11 mm rope with a locking carabiner having a 10 to 12 mm round or oval cross section (Am’D, WILLIAM…)
  • Certification(s): CE EN 567, UIAA

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