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Resoling Information

Which Rubber do I Need?

Vibram’s XS Edge vs Stealth C4? Vibram and Stealth are two of the best lines of climbing rubber available.

Most shoes come with 4mm soles. 5mm rubber will noticeably stiffen the shoe, it is not recommended for downturn models or smaller sizes.

Do I Need Rand Repair (Toe Caps)?
Maybe. It is not always obvious when a toecap is needed. If you check “all necessary repairs”, we will evaluate your shoes and if we see that the rands are more than half-way worn, we will replace them.

If there is a weakness around the seam where the rand meets the layer of climbing rubber, then it may need a new cap. When we start to work on your shoes, we lightly grind down the rand to prep it for the glue. If the rand is not stable enough, then it will have to be replaced. Deducing if a toecap is needed before the toe is opened up is difficult to do without a lot of experience in shoe repair. If you have further questions, feel free to call us.

Our Prices & Cost Breakdown:

We get shoes in all sorts of conditions, so we can’t give you a firm estimate until we have the shoe and start to take it apart. The cost is very difficult to determine from the look of the shoe, we have seen some with holes that actually just need a half resole, and some with no hole where the rand (toe cap) is shot. Feel free to send photos if you want us to give it our best go. Prices are as follows:

Half Resole

$55 per PAIR

This rate will be in effect depending on the date that you fill out the form/drop off your shoes, not the date of ship out/pick up.

Approach Shoe$70 per PAIR
Toe Cap$12 per SHOE
Rubbers (other than Edge & C4)$5 per PAIR
US Shipping$11.50 for the 1st pair, $4.50 for each additional pair.
(This includes shipping insurance)
International ShippingPlease call (303)-396-0532
Replace Solution Strap$15 each
Replace VelcroLoop: $15 per strap | Hook: $15 per strap
Repair Velcro Straps$12 per strap
Replace Strap + Velcro$30 per strap
Replace Buckle$20 each
Small Holes in the Leather$6 – $20 (send pic for quote)
Laces$8/pair + tax
Heel Pull Tab Replacements$20 each
Eyelets$20 for 1st, + $15 for each additional
Custom Stitching$20 base price + $1 per minute
Patches$20 – $30 (depending on size)
Do I Need Additional Stitching?

If you have large holes around the toe area, we most likely will not be able to repair your shoes. Actually, we could put new rubber on the toe and make it look very nice and charge you a lot for the extra repairs. BUT, it will not hold up very long and you will be unhappy with us. There can be a very fine line between rejecting shoes that we feel will be a waste of your money, and shoes that require just a bit of stitching and will hold up “ok”. Please send us photos and/or give us a call if your shoes need stitching repair. The charge is an extra $10 per shoe.

How Many Resoles can I get?

About 3+ if you resole regularly and follow the care suggestions. The life of the shoe will be shortened if the rands are worn down and the toecaps need to be replaced. It really depends on how you care for your shoes.

Expedite Policy:
For those situations where your resole creeps up on you just before the trip of the year, we do have an expedite option.  The rate is $20 per pair and it is best to let us know your deadline before we process your package upon arrival.  You can put a note in your order under “It’s complicated” or send us an email authorizing the charge and giving us a date in writing.


Shoe Care

Every Day Shoe Care:
  • Air them out when done climbing
  • If you live in a damp climate – put them in the driest place possible when not climbing
  • Don’t wear them walking around or belaying – PLEASE!
  • Get a resole as soon as needed- before they need toe caps
  • Think about having 2 pairs of like shoes so one can be resoled while you continue to climb
  • Don’t let them get saturated in talc powder
  • Do NOT store in plastic bags
Can I Get Toe Caps Without a Resole?

No – the rand terminates about ¼” under the sole. The sole has to be removed in order for us to replace the rand rubber. So if we do toe caps, we must also do resole. Toe dragging is the most common cause for needing rand repair before a resole is recommended. It can be an effective technique for getting through those dicey moves – but expensive!

Can You Repair Stitched Seams?

Yes, we have a sewing machine for shoes. We generally stitch up the weakness in the lacing area of the Miuras at no charge. If you need additional stitching, please indicate it and we will charge you accordingly. If you need extensive work, the charge could vary.

Do You Sell Laces?

Yes, we have the standard laces in stock, for $8.00/pair. We can also replace Solution/Futura straps for $12.00 each.

Warranty Information:

We warranty all of our work and materials for 3 months. Sometimes we don’t do the quality work we always strive to do and we would like a chance to correct our mistakes. Please, if you have any questions about your resole, or complaints, contact us. We would LOVE to hear from you!


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