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Chakstone Blokhead Pinch Trainer


The Pinch trainer you’ve been waiting for!! Up your pinch and crimp game!!

  • Our “Blokheads” are individually hand crafted and engineered to provide multiple grips for pinch and crimp training.
  • Easily attach any desired weight up to 110lbs per Blokhead. Change position of cord between pinch and crimp holds.
  • Great for warming up at the crag. Attach any weight on the go i.e. rocks, water jugs, gear.
  • Five standard pinch positions- 4”, 3”, 2”, 1”, 3/4”
  • Four offset pinch variations.
  • Two crimp variations.
  • Attach to cable machines in the gym for grip training with your base fitness exercises.


  • “Blokheads” are NOT designed for suspension of body weight. Paracord provided is rated to 110lbs.

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