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Wild Country Helium Quick Draw Red 10cm


The Wild Country Helium was a breakthrough product back in 2003 and is still up there amongst the best quickdraws on the market.

The Helium’s are full sized wiregate carabineers, so they are easy to use whilst being strong and light. What is so special is that they are a clean nosed wiregate, so no snagging on gear, or even bolts. This with their ease of use and low weight make the Helium’s an excellent trad or onsight sport climbing quickdraw.

The Helium also has a rope friendly radius and a rope groove to help keep the rope in line with the spine, where the carabineer is strongest. Finally the Helium quickdraws come with narrow 10mm dyneema slings in various lengths. The biner for the rope is held in place by the Wild Country Tadpole (rubber retainer). The rope biner is also anodised red which not only provides the striking look, but will show up scratches which could cause potential damage to you rope.

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