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MOSES Keyhole Rivet Hanger


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Keyhole Rivet Hangers

Keyhole rivet hangers are designed for use on rivets or hangerless bolts and are stronger and more durable than traditional cable rivet hangers.  The beefy 0.090”-thick stainless steel hangers inspire confidence and make it possible to utilize the full strength of a rivet or bolt.  Compared to cable rivet hangers, keyhole hangers are shorter in height, enabling a climber to gain maximum reach from a rivet or bolt.  Both the 3/8” and 5/16” hangers are designed for added security such that once clipped with a carabiner, the hangers cannot come off of a rivet or bolt until the carabiner is unclipped from the hanger.
Moses keyhole hangers are tumbled to create a smooth finish that feels good in the hand and they fit a wide variety of anchors, including 1/4”, 5/16”, and 3/8” round or hex-head rivets and bolts.  For backcountry use, a few keyhole hangers can provide lightweight insurance for use on the unexpected hangerless bolt, should the need arise.  Designed for use, and tested on Yosemite’s big walls.


3/8” Keyhole Rivet Hanger
Stainless steel
Thickness = 0.090”
Laser-cut shape
Weight = 22 g / 0.77 oz.

5/16” Keyhole Rivet Hanger

Stainless steel
Thickness = 0.090”
Laser-cut shape
Weight = 15 g / 0.53 oz.
3/8” fits: 3/8” Rawl Spike and 3/8” buttonhead bolts, 3/8” Powers 5-piece hangerless bolts, 10 mm Fixe hangerless bolts, and 12 mm Fixe Triplex hangerless bolts
5/16” fits: Old 1/4″ buttonheads or threaded studs found on many classic routes and 5/16” buttonheads


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3/8", 1/4"-5/16"


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