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Orbital Climbing V12 Muscle Rub 2oz


Habanero & Arnica Infused Muscle Rub

The perfect remedy for sore muscles after a hard day of climbing! Our muscle rub is made with Beeswax, Shea Butter, Arnica Infused olive oil, Habanero pepper infused olive oil, Pure Menthol Crystals, & essentials oils of Lavender, Mint, & lemon.

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This is an all natural pain relief product. Do not use if you have very sensitive skin. Start with a small amount to test your skins tolerance & see if you have any reactions before getting crazy with it! It is very important that you wash your hands after applying as to not accidentally rub your eyes or sinuses. We recommend you do not apply right before going to bed because you want to avoid getting any on your pillow and into your eyes! DO NOT scratch yourself with rub on your fingers/under your nails or apply to open wounds/scrapes!

*Make sure your hands and the area you are applying the rub to are clean and free of dirt and debris.

*Rinse off muscle rub with a cold towel 45 minutes to an hour after applying.

*Avoid applying muscle rub right after showering or shaving.

*Focus on specific areas at a time we do not recommend covering your whole body at once!


Massage deeply into sore muscles including but not limited to:

-Back Muscles-

You will feel a cooling sensation usually without 5 to 15 minutes. For a deeper “burn” apply more liberally to effected areas.


Discontinue if an allergic reaction, redness or irritation is noticeable. Always use caution when applying any product containing essential oils & this product is not recommended for children.

Orbital Climbing is not responsible for the improper use, reactions, or results of how you use this product. Please consult your doctor or health care provider for any possible contraindications and/or interactions with current medications. Always inform your healthcare provider(s) if you are taking any herbal remedies or supplements. Use this product at your own risk.


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