Walk your shoes in!

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– Read ALL of these instructions carefully! –

Step 1
Drop off shoes

Pay Resole Deposit

Step 2
Pick up shoes

Pay for Toe Caps

(If needed)

$38 / pair $10 / shoe

How our process works

Pay $38 Deposit now & the rest later

Initially we only charge $38 for your return shipping on the first pair shoes.  We charge the rest of the repair costs to your credit card after the work is completed– it is often difficult to determine needs of each shoe until we actually take them apart.  If you need toecaps we’ll go ahead & replace them then charge you the resole price of $38 per pair, plus $10 for each toecap needed.  Shipping costs per each additional pair ($1.50/pair) are included in the final cost as well.

Our expert cobblers determine if you need toecaps or not.  It’s not an exact science, but we give it our best judgment after our many years of experience.

Please – only 1 order # per box/package

For more details about our policies visit our FAQ page & our Terms and Conditions page

You may need toecaps!

If your shoe’s rand (the toecap) is weak, it may give out shortly after you start climbing on your newly resoled shoes. It is not always obvious when a toecap is needed, & deducing if a toecap is needed before the toe is opened up is difficult to do without a lot of experience with shoe repair.  While we let our cobblers decide on what is best for your shoes’ longevity- we only do toe caps if they’re absolutely necessary.   Because the rand rubber wraps underneath the layer of climbing rubber, a resole is necessary with a toe cap.

If you have further questions, feel free to call us or learn more about protecting your shoes at our NO Toe Caps page

Shoes not listed?  Under Brand, select ‘OTHER’ then enter your model

We are at a 3-4 week turn around.

To let us choose the best rubber for
your shoes select ‘No Preference’


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