Pride in Craftsmanship

We have a full selection of custom made lasts, including downturn toe designs, asymmetric, and classic styles to ensure that the proper size and shape of your climbing shoes are maintained during the resoling process. We use the best available contact cement for rubber to rubber bonds and guarantee all our work.

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When should I Resole?

If you rands (toe caps) are worn through or very thin, they need to be replaced. When you check “all necessary repairs”, we’ll evaluate your shoes and, if we see that they’re more than half-way worn, we’ll replace the toe caps.

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Welcome to Rock and Resole. We at Rock and Resole take great pride in our craftsmanship and believe we offer the best in precision climbing shoe resoling. We understand the importance of a good resole on your climbing shoes, that crucial piece between you and the rock!

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Quick Turn Around

Rock and Resole is committed to a timely turn around for our customers.  Our current turn around time is THREE WEEKS after we receive your package in the shop.


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Half Resole


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Shipping First Shoe

$9/$1 for Each Additional

Knee Bar Pad


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