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The largest in store rock-climbing shoe selection in North America

The Best in Precision Climbing Shoe Resoling

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How Do You Get Your Shoes Resoled?

We make it very easy for you to ship us your shoes and get a top-quality resole on your climbing shoes. We’re flexible, quick, and offer a wide range of options so you’ll be ready to climb again in no time.

1. Fill Out the Form

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Tell us which pairs of shoes need resoled. Include any special rubbers or other preferences.

2. Checkout

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Provide your information & payment details. We’ll email you the receipt.

3. Ship Your Shoes

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Write your order # below your return address, then ship us your shoes. Don’t forget to keep the tracking #

4. Resole!

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We’ll perform all necessary repairs, then send you an email confirmation once they’re done!

Resole Your Shoes

We offer the very best in precision climbing shoe resoling.

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We have the largest in store rock-climbing shoe selection in North America.

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